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  • Dave Ballou & BeepHonk

    (Cleanfeed CF489CD)

  • Quadrants for solo trumpet

    (pfMentum CD113, 2017)

  • Solo Trumpet

    (Cleanfeed, 2015)


  • Each Part a Whole

    The MicroQuarktet: Live at the Stone

    (RubyFlower, 2009)

  • Insistence (SCCD 31611) 2007
    Michael Formanek, Randy Peterson

  • Regards (SCCD 31573) 2005
    John Hebert, Frank Kimbrough, Randy Peterson

  • Dancing Foot (SCCD 31556) 2004
    Kevin Norton, John Herbert,
    Michael Formanek

  • Rothko (SCCD 31525) 2002
    George Colligan, Cameron Brown, Mike Sarin

  • On This Day (SCCD 31504) 2000
    Tony Malaby, Billy Drewes, Tom Rainey, Michael Formanek


  • The Floating World (SCCD 31486) 1999
    George Colligan, Doug Weiss, Darren Beckett

  • Volition (SCCD 31460) 1998
    Cameron Brown, Jeff Williams

  • Amongst Ourselves (SCCD 31436) 1997
    Tony Malaby, Michael Formanek,
    Jeff Williams


Michael Formanek The Distance (ECM)
Meridian Arts Ensemble Seven Kings (innova, 943)
Ken Schaphorst Big Band How to Say Goodbye (JCA)

Satoko Fuji Shiki (Libra Records, 215-036)
Dave Liebman A Tribute to Wayne Shorter (MAA 1047)
Steve Olsen Conversations (Release it! Productions, #1)
Mario Pavone Streetsongs (Playscape, PSR #070713)

Andrea Centazzo The Battle (Ictus Records 166)
Dave Liebman Tomorrow’s Expectations (JAZZIS 1030)

Devin Gray Dirigo Rataplan (skirl 019)
Meridian Arts Ensemble Alchemy, (8bells)

Andrea Centazzo Moon in Winter (Ictus Records 155)
Satoko Fuji ETO (Libra Records, 215-029)
Dave Liebman Big Band As Always– DVD (Summit MAA 1041)

Gotham Wind Symphony New Year, New Music (Artistshare)
Dave Liebman Big Band As Always (Mama Records)
Peter Paulsen Goes Without Saying (SquarePegWorks, 2010-1)
Mario Pavone Arc suite t/pi t/po (Playscape, PSR #061010)

Cameron Brown The Hear and Now Vol. 2 (Omnitone)
John Hollenbeck, Eternal Interlude, (Sunnyside, SSC 1220)(Grammy nomination)
Denman Maroney Udentity (Cleanfeed)
Zinc 9 Psychedelic– w/ Nick Didkovsky and Kevin Norton (Punos Music, PM0008)

Satko Fuji Summer Suite (Libra Records, 215-023)
Mario Pavone Ancestors, as arranger (Playscape, PSR #011508)
Gunther Schuller Journey into Jazz, Boston Modern Orchestra Project, (BMOP,1004)

David Sanford The Pittsburgh Collective feat. Matt Haimovitz (Oxingale, OX 2010)
Jam Session vol. 22 (SteepleChase 31614) w/Tim Hagans & Greg Gisbert

Steve LaSpina Play Room (SteepleChase)
Jeff Antoniuk Here Today (JAJU-0601)
Andy Biskin Trio Tragico (Studelmedia, SMCD 010)
Satoko Fuji Undulation (MTCJ, 3032)
Thirty9thirty8 (Flattened Planet)

Michael Mussillami Dachau (Playscape)
Joey Sellers El Pasyaso (Nine Winds)
Emil Hess/ Richard Huntley Working (P&C NYCOJA)

Cameron Brown The Hear and Now (Omnitone)
Gotham Wind Symphony Music for Children (WCRO1 GWS)
John Hollenbeck John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble A Blessing (Omnitone)
Kevin Norton Time-Space Modulator (Barking Hoop)
Satoko Fuji Blueprint (MTCJ-3016)

Steve LaSpina Remember When (SteepleChase)
Dave Liebman Beyond the Line (Omnitone)
Daniel Levin Don’t Go It Alone (Riti)
Don Preston The Inner Realities of Evolution (Brain)

Harold Danko The Music of Eric Dolphy (SteepleChase)
Andrew Hill A Beautiful Day (Palmetto)
Denman Maroney Fluxations (New World)
Kevin Norton Change Dance (Barking Hoop)
Jam Session vol. 5 (SteepleChase) w/Scott Wendholdt & Greg Gisbert

Rabih Abou-Kahlil The Cactus of Knowledge (Enja)
Mark Murphy Links (Highnote)
Tom Varner Second Communion (Omnitone)

Satoko Fuji Double Take (East Works)
Steve LaSpina The Bounce (SteepleChase)
Mark Murphy Sometime Ago (Highnote,)
Maria Schneider Allegresse (Enja)
Jeff Raheb Topaz Under Moon (Topaz)
Kenny Werner Beauty Secrets (BMG)

Satoko Fuji Jo (Buzz)
Peter Herborn Large One (Jazzline)
The Either/Orchestra Across the Omniverse (Accurate)
Orange then Blue Hold the Elevator (GM)
George Schuller Tenor Tantrums (New World)
Tom Varner Swimming (Omnitone)

Steve LaSpina When Children Smile (SteepleChase)
Carlinhos Brown Omeleteman (EMI)
Ken Schaphorst Purple (Naxos)
Tom Varner The Window Up Above (New World)
Philharmonia Virtuosi New York New York Stories (Med 72.715)

Satoko Fuji Southwind (Leo Lab, reissued Libra, 2004)
Billy Hart Oceans of Time – as co-producer (Arabesque)
Judi Silvano Vocalise (Blue Note)

Brian Ales Creature of Habit (Intuition)

Mili Bermejo Casa Corazon (Green Linnet)
Rob Levit Singularity (Brownstone)
Orange then Blue While You Were Out (GM)

The Either/Orchestra Dial E (Accurate)