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Dave Ballou

Upcoming performances:

Every Tuesday- The Mike Kuhl Trio. Mike Kuhl- drums; Jeff Reed- bass; Dave Ballou- trumpet. Bertha’s, Fells Point, Baltimore, MD 9:30 p.m.- midnight

Friday, June 1 Creative Alliance with Lafayette Gilchrist. Baltimore, MD

Tuesday, June 12 Devin Gray’s Dirgo Rataplan with Michael Formanek and Ellery Eskelin. Korzo, Brooklyn, NY 10:30 pm

Wednesday, June 13, 1st set- Drone Pieces with Ralph Allessi, Russ Johnson and Danny Gouker; 2nd set- with Tony Malaby and Billy Mintz. A.E. Randolph Presents, Balboa, Brooklyn, NY

July 15- 27 Litchfield Jazz Camp, The Gunnery, Washington, CT