Dave’s Equipment

Bb Trumpets
Schilke B1- 1991- Austin Custom Brass modified MV 3C cup with Warburton 6* backbore
Schilke B5- 1965
Yamaha 8310Z- ACB modified MV 3C cup with “S” and MV3CL cup with “T” backbone
Couesnon Monopole Star- Kanstul W3FLX 
Piccolo trumpet
Yamaha custom A/Bb- Bach 7E 

B&S Challenger model 3142-Denis Wick 4B  

Computer based 
Macbook Pro; Shure Beta 56a; MOTU Ultralite; Nano Controller- thanks to the amazing Jeff Kaiser and his help building a Max environment for me. 

SlideTrumpet Getzen
Monk resin Cornetto- 
1 1/4 C Bach cut to fit